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Linen suit maintenance tips

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Green, natural, environmentally friendly and healthy linen is the interpretation of the attitude of leisure life, and build a harmonious life with flax, daily washing and maintenance is very important, can maintain its state in the years, for us to bring a comfortable, healthy, soft, comfortable life. This issue, xinshen · linen dreamers to introduce these aspects of knowledge to you.

Light linen clothing, especially close-fitting white linen fabric, should not be worn for too long. Should be frequently washed frequently changed, close-fitting linen single clothes if not frequently washed frequently changed, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of yellowing hard to wash.

High-grade fine woven linen fabrics, like people, after wearing the need for regular "rest", not wear all the time. This allows the fabric to recover easily, allowing the suit to retain its original shape.

If you are not sure about the shrinkage of linen fabric, you can dip one corner of the fabric into the water and observe whether it shrinks. If it does not shrink, you can safely choose to wash it. However, if there is obvious shrinkage, you should pay attention to it

Avoid long soaking before washing flax.

Linen should be washed by hand as gently as possible. When machine washing is necessary, linen should be put into the washing bag as far as possible to reduce damage caused by machine washing.

When receiving the clothings with more refined such as flax suit, the wooden hanger of wide shoulder is hanged receive. When storing, should avoid folding to give a mark, with wooden or plastic make of wide handle circular arc suit special hanger suspension.

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